Every business wants to grow, but there are many factors are involved to grow business. We choose here one of the most important factors in the current digital world to grow the organization. It’s a Digital Marketing – It’s a collection of all marketing efforts that uses an electronic device or internet, that every organization need to take this service to grow their businesses. Businesses use digital channels such as search engine, social media, email, website and other online activity to connect with customers”.

If you are marketing background, you know that marketing is all about connecting your audience in the right place at the right time. On current digital world, your strategy must focus online, where you customer already spending much time. So you can say that digital marketing is the promotion of product/service that businesses are getting beneficial to improve their business. Using these services Businesses’ owner can promote, analyze and improve their business online. Unlike old marketing, you can understand your business real time. Thus, organizations can analyze marketing campaign and implement the necessary steps accordingly. 

Why Digital Marketing First Choice?
Digital marketing includes all aspects of business like planning, promoting, analyzing and improving. Now Digital marketing becomes the most powerful way of marketing. According to Pew Research Center, digital advertising revenue has been growing since 2011. In 2018 it has become $108 billion. In current scenario, everyone has fit into the digital world unlike old tradition. From corporate to end user have been finding digital solutions that are valuable, affordable, measurable and easily accessible to grow further. There are a few points that I am sharing- help of Digital Republic Network below to clarify why digital marketing is the first choice unlike traditional marketing.

Affordable: Unlike traditional marketing, everyone can afford digital marketing services. When we go back into previous 10 years time period, the organization had a hefty amount of money for marketing that could not analyze the real time result, they did not have a large amount of data that they could analyze and find out the real statistics of outcomes. That time if someone was running a small and medium company then they had to think about the marketing budget because it was too high. So that time marketing term was only used by large organization and some medium business. Currently everyone, including small, medium and large organization has been using this service at economical prices. It is measurable and actionable at real time. They don’t need to worry about acquisition strategy – It’s a process to define the getting visitors from which channel, because they can analyze the real time data and find out the most valuable channels including SEO, SMO, Google Ads, Email marketing and more that will boost the businesses.

Accessible: Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is accessible for everyone. New marketing strategy is user friendly as well as corporate friendly that’s why we called everyone can access it. Previously mainly big companies were going into the dig for marketing because the reason was marketing services’ cost were too high and everyone could not afford this cost. Today’s world has been introduced new marketing services called digital marketing. According to Salesforce - a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together, 75% of total marketing budget will go to digital marketing in 2021. So companies are eying towards digital channels because new marketing strategy is totally based on connectivity- it’s a process where the consumer and company use a channel – any channel like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, phone and more to strengthen the relation on mutual understanding, and authenticity. Now a day, marketing efforts are directly reaching to end user because of that end users are being introduced to digital channel- a part of current marketing strategy, and they have become a part of life. 

Actionable: “Action” is the greedy term in current marketing spot. Every point needs to take action that is reflected in future aspects of business. Currently companies have more data so they analyze and aggregate the data and they have become capable to take action on it on the basis of “analyzed and aggregated” data. In the past, companies did not have a large amount of data, that time they had storage, cost and technical issues so they could not able to take right action over it. There consequences were sometimes better or sometimes bad. Now we are in the era of digital world so we have new advanced technologies in contrast to past, companies are taking action in real time and also get results in real time. Now a day, companies are taking action at the right time at the right place because they have the  capability to track everything about their potential and new customers’ online activity either mobile, desktop, laptop & more and take better action that help to boost the business and customer satisfaction.  

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